A Little Lyme Update

As we near the end of another year, we (Dash and I) approach another year of being sick with Lyme disease and its common co-infections. Seven years spring 2015. I never thought I’d be saying that. When I was diagnosed, I naively thought I’d get well within a year or less. I quickly found out that wasn’t going to be the case. Dash (my youngest son) and I switched from a traditional medical approach to a natural approach January of this year. I am so happy we did. Even though we’re still sick, and still having a hard time, and no cure on the horizon, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. If we have to be on treatment long term, I would much rather it be with herbs instead of antibiotics.

Bartnonella is our primary infection. Bart is a beast. It’s really a nasty infection. I think it’s nastier than Lyme itself. And we’ve got it bad in the brain. Just about everything you can think of in the brain, its doing to us. It’s hard and it sucks and there are days I can’t see past the symptoms its causing me mentally. Dash has a lot of rage and crying spells. He has some pain and fatigue as well. It’s just all bad. I wish I could say its better but its not. However, I am believing that one day we will be well – I have to believe that because the alternative sucks and is scary.

Tonight I’m dealing with a migraine, convulsions, paranoia, anxiety, muscle weakness, and pain. It’s 1am and I’m still wide awake because the OTC migraine medicine I take keeps me wired but I would rather be wired than hugging the toilet from the pain of the migraine. I have constant pain in my feet, sometimes have bone pain, often have muscle pain, always have weak muscles.

But, I have more energy now than I have in years, thanks to natural adrenal treatment – and I believe also because of the Lyme disease being killed off. My air hunger is much less now too. There are some improvements. I am so thankful that there are some improvements, even if its not as much as I’d like, it’s better than none. It could be worse. I remind myself of that often. It could be worse. So many have it much worse than I do. There are some Lyme patients who can’t walk, can’t talk, have totally lost their minds, that are in so much pain, and so hopeless, they end their lives. It’s a wicked disease. As bad as it is for Dash and I, I try and keep perspective and keep believing in healing.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support and asking how we are – it’s vital to someone fighting a chronic disease. You can often feel alone, family doesn’t always understand it so they aren’t there for you, so any support a Lyme disease warrior can get is extremely important to their fight. God bless you, my dear friends.

Flip In Hair Review Follow Up

My favorite hair piece – Flip in Hair by UniWigs

It’s no secret, I wear hair pieces. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve been losing handfuls of hair for a few years. None of my doctors have been able to stop it, or figure it out. I have Lyme disease, for those of you who don’t know that. With Lyme disease, comes many symptoms that could be blamed on many different aspects of Lyme. For example, thyroid, adrenal glands, medication we’re on, etc. So, its really hard to figure these things out. Since I can’t stop it, I work with what I can to make my hair look better than it actually does.

I used to use tons of volumizing products in my natural hair and that worked as an illusion but that doesn’t work anymore. I simply don’t have enough natural hair left anymore. And it’s so thin at the ends, it just looks terrible. I look older and fatter with my natural hair. It’s wild how that can happen just by thinning hair, but it can, and does. At least for me. I’m lucky it’s all over hair loss. It could be leaving bald spots. I realize it could be worse. But as a 36 year young woman, it’s hard losing your hair.

So now I work with hair pieces. I have had full on wigs but prefer clip in/flip in hair. I don’t have enough hair for clip ins anymore, so this one piece weft called Flip In Hair works great for me. It comes on a clear “wire”, don’t know how else to put it, which lays over your hair, on your head, somewhat like a headband. Surprisingly, it really does stay put. I’ve been wearing it for a couple months and have never had a problem with it flying off! And it isn’t uncomfortable at all, nor can you see the wire. You simply pull your natural hair over the hair weft and style as usual.

It looks so very natural. I’ve never had a hair piece look so natural. It also feels natural. The hair is a heat friendly synthetic and human hair mix. It’s thick without being too thick and isn’t too shiny, like some synthetic hair can look. No one ever knows I’m wearing a hair piece. I absolutely love it, if you can’t tell. My next purchase will be the wavy piece. I’m also looking into a hair topper. Below is a before and after picture. Again, I’m not ashamed to show you my before picture. I have no control over the hair loss. This is happening to me. All I can do is work with what I have and make the best of it.



So natural, right?! My natural hair (when I blow dry it straight) is straight, fine, and not too thick, not too thin. The hair piece mimics the look of my real hair so well.  I can’t say enough good things about UniWigs. I’ve tried one other flip in hair product seen on TV and it was absolute crap! Don’t go with another company, go with Uniwigs! Here’s a link to the exact one I have. Go check out their site. I’m not getting paid or compensated for this post. I just wanted to share this in hopes it’ll help other women with hair loss.

Sunday Funday

Dash insisted on buttoning his shirt all by himself – honey, he looked a mess. Zane ran down the stairs wearing shorts on a cool day. And Nick threw on his shirt from yesterday. I didn’t fight any of it. I let them do as they wished today. The weekends are for lazy and enjoyment for me and the kids. We did a little shopping. A little eating. A little napping and playing. It was a good, happy Sunday.


Living the Moment

Halloween was safe and fun, our first in North Texas. Our old neighborhood in Missouri was slim pickens. I really didn’t know what to expect here. I knew there would be a lot of kids out because we live in a very kid friendly area with lots, and I mean, lots of kids. So many that we have our own school. I was picturing 20 kids to every one house giving out candy. I was wrong. There were lots of people giving out candy. Plenty for the amount of children out trick or treating. What a relief. The temperature was cool, perfect for a night out dressed up, begging for candy from perfect strangers.

PicMonkey Collage

My guinea pigs might be sick. While cleaning out their cage I noticed indications of possible mites. I bathed the girls and one of them had irritated skin. I could treat them over the counter but I’m considering going to a vet with them just to be certain they are okay. I know, it sounds strange that one would take their guinea pig to a vet. I’m an animal lover. I can’t bare the thought that they might be suffering, so I’ll shell out the money to have them checked out.

While at Petsmart today looking for mite medication, this was before I made my mind up that I’ll just take them to a vet, I found the perfect rabbit cage for Zoe. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about her on my blog before. She’s our little Lionhead bunny. She sure is a spunky little girl. She loves to be pet but don’t ask her to snuggle you unless you’re continuously petting her. But I digress. So because I spoil my animals, like I spoil my children, we picked her up a mansion of a cage, complete with an upper deck area for lounging. She absolutely loves it! How could she not?



I talked to my dad on my birthday for an hour. We talked about the kids and about marriage and about God. A lot about God. It was such a great conversation. I’m telling ya, friends, our reconciliation is going better than I ever could have dreamed. We’re reconnecting so well. There’s nothing strange or awkward or even disappointing about it. We text often and talk every few weeks or so, usually for an hour at a time. I love how God works. When it’s the right time, it just all flows so easily.

I turned 36 for you curious types who were wondering. I have mixed feelings about 36. In some ways I feel super blessed to be at 36 and in some ways I can’t believe I’m 36! It feels like just yesterday I was turning 26. I don’t know how time flies by so quickly and yet the individual days can crawl by so often. I know I’ll look back on this post in ten years and wonder how I got to 46, it seemed like just yesterday I was writing about 36.


I’ve been in the creating mood lately. Well, really, always. My brain wants to constantly be stimulated. Honestly, I wonder if there’s something going on with my brain due to Lyme disease. Sometimes it’s rather compulsive, this need to stimulate my brain and hands and create stuff. Or maybe it’s just the creative type in me. Whatever it is, I typically enjoy the desire to create and the outcome is usually pretty beautiful. If you’re following me on Instagram then you already know all the projects I’ve been up to lately. I post there more than any where else online. But since many of you don’t have Instagram accounts, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the past week.





Went to church tonight for the first time in a month. Between colds and the stomach flu and Lyme disease four church services came and went without our attendance. Today every one was healthy so we went. Dash learned about Daniel and the lions den. He loves church the most out of the three boys. Zane had fun playing games. I asked what he learned. He said nothing. Nick stayed in with me. Mostly playing words with friends but also listening and resting against me. I had an amazing time with worship. This church really knows how to do worship right. I always get into the spirit and feel moved while praising God with my church family. Tonight I felt the sensation of warm oil washing over my face.  That’s another thing about worship at this church. I have so many spirit-filled moments, like visions of Jesus, and like tonight’s warm oil sensation. God’s so good!


I’ve had a rough few weeks with Lyme disease. I got the stomach flu and couldn’t keep my herbs down for a couple of days. That’s all it took to send me spiraling. I’m finally back up to 8 drops of a-bart per day and 10 drops of biocidin per day. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to handle those doses but I’m just thankful today was a good day. That’s the thing about Lyme disease, you really have to take each day as it comes. You just never know what it’s going to be like.

Living in the moment is something Lyme disease has been teaching me. When I have a good day, I pack it full of treasure. And when I have a bad, I listen to my body and allow it to do nothing, just rest. Some days are slept away while the kids are at school. Some days are spent taking good care of the house and making fun projects. I literally never know what each day will bring. I’ve learned to be thankful for every good moment I’m blessed with.

Radical Grace

“Grace covers a multitude of sins, so we say. Grace covers ALL sin. Or is that too much for us to believe? Even murder? Yes, even murder. GASP! It’s true. My brother’s sin has been covered by the selfless sacrifice of Christ on the cross. My brother is loved by the King. My brother has the same opportunity for an everlasting life in Heaven as any of us do. Truth, y’all. It’s the good news of the gospel! Now if only we lived our beliefs and extended a hand in love and grace to our brothers and sisters in Christ in prison.”


Back To Hobby Lobby

So I went back to Hobby Lobby today for the first time since the strange incident last week. (Recap, I was essentially stalked and followed through the store and then in my car by a man who finally turned off and stopped following me.) And I was scared. I hate to admit it. I feel a bit like a baby. But I was truly afraid. I kept looking around, over my shoulder, at all the cars around me, all the people were suspect to  me. I quickly went in and got what I needed and got the hell out of dodge.

Every black car of any kind but especially SUV had me looking in my rear view mirror to see how long they were going to be behind my car. I really feel traumatized by the experience from last week. Who knows what would have happened to me had I not been on my toes, fully aware of that gut feeling thing that I call God, telling me to be weary of this man, watch him closely. Bad things happen every day. It’s a scary world.

I think about all the victims of sexual assaults, or kidnappings, any kind of violent crime, who survived, and think – wow – what they must live with. If my experience with a possible “bad guy” has affected me this strongly, I can’t imagine what someone who has gone through a violent crime and survived goes through daily. If you have been affected by crime, my heart goes out to you. I say a prayer for your heart and the memories that probably haunt you. May you find the healing I’m sure you’re desperately seeking.

As for me, I hope this paranoia and trauma goes away soon. I don’t want to be constantly looking behind my back, or watching every car. There’s a line between being careful and being paranoid.

Crazy how big North Texas is and yet how small it feels now – thinking that I’ll run across him again.


That One About Getting Locked Out.

So, I got locked out of my house today. Leave it to me to lock myself out of the house while taking the trash out. Apparently, my garage door was somehow locked when I shut the door. I don’t have a spare key outside any where, nor did I have anyone available to come rescue me quickly. Barefoot, I walked to the school, told them of my ordeal, and basically begged them to help me. I ended up waiting two hours for a lock smith.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to talk with a mother of two children that go to my kids school. She had broken English and there were times I could tell she didn’t know what I was saying, but for the most part we communicated well, and it was nice to chat with someone in the area. I had lunch with Dash. He was so surprised to see me. His eyes got really big and a huge onery smile overcame his face. I bought him a chocolate milk to go with his packed lunch. We talked and giggled and hugged goodbye.

I spotted Nick, my oldest, with his friends. It was neat watching him at the table with his pals without him knowing I was watching him. He was confident and laughing. Smiling big and so happy. It made my heart want to burst. I walked over to him and said, hi. It took him a moment to recognize me, and as soon as he did, his smile left, he was super embarrassed that I was there. So I bought him a milk and frozen ice desert and left, as not to humiliate him any further.

On my way back home, I ran into the mother I talked to earlier that day. Turns out she is my neighbor! Small world. The lock smith came shortly thereafter and got me back into my house. I got back to cleaning and went on through my day as normal.

When Dash got home he showed me his painting and sang “Da na na na. na na. na na. can’t touch this.” to which I laughed hard and good.


We ate chicken strips and fries tonight but topped it with V8 juice, so that makes it healthy right? Actually, no. I know none of that is truly that good for you, but I didn’t have time to prep anything for dinner since I was, oh, locked out!

Kids took baths and showers. Got all jammied up and are watching cartoons as I write this. I love this time of the day. Dinner done, house cleaned up, chores done, kids bathed and smelling fresh, and everything is quiet and peaceful.

Bedtime stories next, then happy sweet dreams for us all.

On an unrelated note:

Zane caught his first fish ever yesterday. He’s been fishing several times, basically begging the fish to bite. So this was a big happy deal!


He also asked me to make him a God necklace so everyone at school could know he loves Jesus. This kid is a special little guy.


My Nest

You know how it goes whenever you go to a Target or Wal-Mart, right? You go in for one thing and come out with several other things that weren’t even on your radar before you walked into the store. Yeah well, so that happened to me today. I went in for a water bottle and walked out with pillows and seat cushions and and and.

But seriously, my dining room needed lovin’. I really like how it all came together. I need a center piece still. Not sure what to do there. Maybe a really fun vase. Thoughts?


After adding the plates and mugs, I think it really pulled it together. I’m on the look out for some fun plates. I’m thinking of keeping up the mismatched-yet-still-flow-together-look I have currently.


Cute? It really needs a center piece though, I think. I found some really cute vases on sale yesterday at Hobby Lobby but I had a bad experience there and am afraid to go back. A man followed me through the store. You know when you just know something isn’t right? That feeling in your gut? Well, that. I had the manager walk me to my car. And guess who got behind my car and followed me for a few minutes? Yep. I was nano seconds from calling 911. I believe in my heart he was up to no good and for whatever reason he decided to stop following me. Very scary and I know its irrational, as I’m sure he isn’t there today, but I’m still afraid to go back. So, for now, my table won’t have a center piece.


So anyway, I’m loving these pillows. I don’t know that I pulled off the different prints and colors as well as I thought I was in the store. You think? I dunno. I like it though so I’m going with it.


I need to get window treatments of some sort. This is always the hardest decision for me and I never get it quite right. boo. What would you put in this room with the pillows and couch colors? A neutral or a pop of color? Maybe a blue?


I am lovin’ the yellow and the print of these two pillows. I brought in a touch of yellow in the pillow in the picture below to kinda tie it together without being too matchy matchy.


I just adore the little blue pillow with white and yellow flecked in there. And the beige pillow is oh-so-soft.


I tied the two rooms together by using the beige neutral colors in both rooms and colors that compliment one another.



(eeep, don’t mind my dirty coffee table.)

Over all, I’m really happy with what I picked out. Especially since I’m no designer. Nor do I have the eye of a designer. I just winged it and think I did pretty well. It feels warmer and more cozy and welcoming. We’ve been here a couple months now. I’m slowly putting my finger print on this beautiful new house.

So tell me, what’s your favorite room to make over?


The children came home from school and all three began chattering about the new decor. Nick said its all fancy in here now. Zane and Dash bee-lined it to the pillows, picking out their favorites, and snuggling with them. I love my kids.

PicMonkey Collage

the beat of my heart.

These kids make my heart beat fast and hard.


They are wild and fiercely joyful.


They take life in both hands and wring the goodness out of it.


There’s always an adventure awaiting me with them in tow.


I’ll love them forever.


And always be there for them, no matter what.

Eating Real

On Instagram I committed to 30 days without sugar. I’ve since changed my mind. Slightly. Instead of completely sugar free, I’m going to allow minimal fruit, and an occasional dairy, like cheese. I’m also going to allow potatoes and rice. So, I guess you could say I’m going to be going to a whole foods diet, instead of a strict sugar free diet. Having said that, I won’t have any bad sugars – no processed foods – pop – alcohol, candy, ice cream – you know, the tasty food group.

This morning I made scrambled eggs cooked in Coconut oil – which is awesome for killing off an overgrowth of Candida, which is why I originally wanted to go sugar free. On the side was turkey bacon. I have no idea if that’s technically a whole food but we went with that this morning. And for drink, a yumtastic green smoothie full of great greens and tasty fruit.


For lunch I’ll have a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and lemon garlic water. Lemon is great for detoxing and garlic is awesome at killing off bacteria and yeast. I might add rice to this dish as well. Depends on how hungry I am. I will be cooking the broccoli in real butter and adding real butter to my rice.

And for dinner I’m going to make a tasty chicken stir fry with bell peppers and broccoli served with rice and probably a carrot and apple juice – freshly made.


(it was so yum, y’all!)

I’m trying really hard to turn over a new leaf in my eating. I know we all need to eat whole foods, a healthy diet. I also know that its not going to be easy switching from eating junk food, processed foods, lots of sugar, etc. But, with determination, and God’s help, I believe I can keep this new lifestyle up.

If you switched to a whole foods diet, how long did it take before it was second nature to eat so healthy?

Mom Style: This Week

Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife has something called Daily Mom Style, in which she shares what she’s wearing/worn through the week. I’ve always been inspired by her posts. And although I don’t plan on doing this every week, I did snap pictures of clothing I’ll be wearing this week and thought it would be fun to share.

A big thank you to my photographer, Nicky, my 10 year old son. I’m not professional model, nor is he a professional photographer, but together we made it work.

It’s still hot here in North Texas. We’re talking 90’s! But I love fall fashion so much I’ve been wearing it. Most days I’m in the A/C anyway. This outfit I paired fall fashion with summer fashion. I think it works okay.


This outfit is my favorite for the week. And it’s my good fortune that the weather is dipping into the 80’s – yep, that’s our cold front, but I’ll take it! I am really loving these bulky scarves! Believe it or not, I picked these up from Wal-Mart! (love the doggie modeling in the picture too.)


This dress by Forever21 is so flattering and feels so good on. Some days I like to dress up even when I have no where fancy to go. And this dress screams fall – so I’m sure I’ll find a place to wear it.


I love me a skinny jean and a shirt that makes me appear thinner than I really am – so, am lovin’ this outfit. I would pair it with a better shoe but I don’t have a lot of cute sandals. I will invest in more next year but for now, a casual flip floppy type sandal is what I have available to use.


What are you wearing this week? Do you find it difficult to dress up daily or does it come naturally to you?


My Nightly Skin Routine

I try my best to cleanse my face and apply all the products I’ll be mentioning in this post nightly but I have to admit I don’t always. Tsk Tsk. The older I get the harder I work to get cleansed up every night though. My face needs tender loving care. I’m turning 36 this October – 36! –  and the fine lines are creeping up. I think what I notice the most are my drooping lids but no cream is going to do much for that. Just something I’ll have to get used to I suppose. The joy of aging, right?

I use Meaningful Beauty for the bulk of my nightly routine. I’ve been using Cindy Crawford’s line for well over a year now. I love all the products except the day cream, which leaves me feeling and looking greasy. But because I get so many other products in my monthly membership that I actually use and enjoy, I keep the monthly membership going.


  • I start by putting my hair up in a pony tail and clipping my bangs back. Bangs you rarely see me in. Bangs I have no idea why I cut back into my hair.
  • I then cleanse my face with Meaningful Beauty’s cleanser.
  • After that I spread liberally over my neck and chest the neck cream.
  • I then work up to my eyes, using the eye cream under them and on my lids too.
  • I finish up my face with the creme’ which is amazing y’all! It’s the main reason I keep the monthly membership going. I use three pumps because I just love it so much and liberally spread it over my face and down onto my neck and chest. It smells good, feels good, and makes my face glow.
  • I then put my Baby Lips chap stick on – or any chap stick laying around.
  • Lastly, I spray some smell good on my jammies. I’m not picky. Anything that smells good goes on. I love going to sleep inhaling the sweet scent of a body spray.

(Before: fully made up)


(After: Bare faced and fully cleansed)


(All ready for bed)


And that’s my nightly skin routine/bedtime routine in a nut shell.

What is your skincare routine?

Flip In Hair Review

I’ve been losing my hair for years now since becoming sick with Lyme disease. It’s been really hard to see my pretty hair go from thick and full to thinning and flimsy.


(left: before my hair loss – right: a current snapshot of my hair loss)

For about a year now I’ve been wearing hair pieces. I don’t wear them full time but when I get all dolled up I do like to have my hair thicker and fuller. But the more hair I lose, the harder it is to hide clip in extensions. I’ve also tried half wigs and full on wigs but I just don’t like wigs – I can tell they are fake and I hate that.

One day about a week ago I ran into something called Flip In Hair by Uni Wigs. It caught my eye because it was part human hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair, all on one weft, hanging from a wire. Yes, a wire. How bazaar right? If I had more hair I’d probably pass it by but because I can’t even hide clip in extensions anymore, it caught my eye.


See that up there, all that hair hanging from a wire?! Wild huh? But it works, and works well. The wire is transparent and once you pull your real hair out over it, you cannot see it at all. And you’d think it would be impossible to wear without falling off, but you’d be wrong. It’s super easy to keep in and it isn’t uncomfortable either. Of course I can tell its in there because there’s more weight on my head than I’m used to, but it just feels like a full head of hair.


What I like about Flip In Hair is that its all on once piece, unlike clip in hair extensions that come in many wefts, making them harder to hide in my thinning hair, this flip in hair is super easy to hide in my hair.

This piece from Uni Wigs feels like my real hair, looks like my real hair. The only give away is the length. People who know me, know that I don’t have that length of hair. A stranger would likely never guess its not my real hair. It blends really well.


I decided to cut it a bit shorter to make it look even more real. I think its totally undetectable now that its not my real hair. Next time though I’m going to take it into a hair dresser and have them cut it for me. I’m not the best at cutting my own hair.


There’s nothing I don’t like about this hair. The quality is amazing, so soft, and real looking. You can heat style it. It’s not super shiny, like wigs can be. It’s part real hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair. It came fast – the shipping was so quick! Uni Wigs has a great selection of lengths and colors. I have my eye on a wavy Flip In Hair extension.

Here’s a video of how to adjust the wire to your head and how to blend the piece with your natural hair.

Click here to shop Uni Wigs Flip In Hair Extensions.

For my needs I give this hair a 10 out of 10.




(I bought this with my own money, I’m not being compensated for my opinion. However, the links in this post are affiliate links. So if you buy Flip In Hair I’ll make a small commission.)

Just Say No (To Antibiotics)

I thought it was high time for a Lyme disease update. I’ve not been writing about it lately because I don’t like to focus on the negative in my life. However, I know many of you are interested in our story, and I’m also in a unique place to raise awareness, so I felt it was time for an update.

For those of you new to me and my story of Lyme disease you can refer to this blog post, complete with pictures, and videos.

Buh bye MD’s, hello ND’s!

10684193_797523223658249_1157518178_nIt’s been a year since switching from traditional medical treatment for Lyme disease, to a more natural approach, complete with herbs, and supplements. The first few months was a bit of a joke. Looking back I think we were a bit scammed. In the sense that we were told I’d be healed in a few months with their treatment, and I definitely wasn’t. Having said that, though, I credit them to easing me into the idea of natural treatment – their treatment was working to a degree but didn’t heal me completely. I think the fact that they said I would be healed in a few month, and their machine said I was healed, and I clearly wasn’t, is where I was scammed. The moral of that story is please be careful who you work with because there are a lot of quacks out there.

So anyway, I found my “miracle doctor” earlier this year – he’s amazing! He is a well educated Naturopathic Doctor who knows his stuff. Talking with him is like talking with medical books – in the best of ways – he is really brilliant. David tested my adrenal glands, the test shows I’m in stage three adrenal fatigue. So his first step in my protocol was getting my adrenal glands in better shape. We treated them naturally. I’m still being treated and probably will be for a long time. He then added a general herb into my program – Biocidin – a great little herb that treats many different problems, including Lyme disease.

This past summer he did further testing on me and found that Bartonella is my primary infection at this time. He started treating me for the disease with a-bart. I’m still on Biocidin as well. Since beginning that treatment, I’ve noticed a lot of changes. My air hunger isn’t as bad. Most LLMD’s attribute air hunger to Babesia, which it can be, but my LLND believes Bartonella is also a factor for that, and in my case, seems to be so. The pain in my feet it much less, though still there, another symptom of Bart. My migraines are less though I still have them. Sensing a theme here? Over all, I’m doing better but am still sick.

I am very pleased with my progress. I’m so happy I took the leap into switching from traditional medicine to natural medicine. I’ve always been a more natural medicine kind of person but was so afraid of the big bad LD that I jumped right into traditional medicine hoping it would save my life. And although I’m so thankful to my previous doctor, and antibiotics, for the work they both did for my body, I realize I should have probably continued with my gut instinct of natural medicine for treating LD too.

I want to be clear. I’m not anti antibiotics and traditional medicine for LD. Not at all. Just for my body at this point in my journey, natural medicine is the path I’m taking, and its working well, and is much easier on my body, which I desperately needed, as antibiotics were far too rough on me.

If you’re new to a LD diagnosis, and are seeking a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) I would also encourage you to seek out a Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor (LLND) as well. Interview them both and go with whichever choice you feel most comfortable with, and the one who has a proven track record for getting people well. And if they promise you the world, run the other way.

Jamberry Nails

I don’t know about you, but whenever I apply nail polish to my nails it never lasts for more than two days at most before it starts chipping. Doesn’t matter what kind of polish I use, none of it lasts long. I would have just given up on it if not for my love of all things pretty, sparkly, bright, bold, and even neutral nails. I don’t know if I’m just harder on my nails than most but I tell you what, the stuff just doesn’t last.

A friend of mine sells something called Jamberry nails – they are nail wraps – and y’all, they are so cool. This is my first impression blog post so I can’t say yet if they last longer than nail polish, but I’m telling ya already, I am really hopeful they will last longer than nail polish. Rachel, my friend who sells them, you can find her here, and here, she sent me a couple samples, which you’ll see in the picture below.


The samples came with a cuticle pusher and simple instructions. I literally got both hands done in about 30 minutes and I’m sure I’ll be quicker once I get the hang of it better. I took the nail polish off I had on, cleaned them up with alcohol wipes, fit each one to my nail, cut the wrap in half, warmed it with my hair dryer, fit it onto my nail, pushing down to get a good seal. I then trimmed and filed the excess off, heated them back up with the hair dryer, pressed down again, and bingo bango, a pretty mani at home!

What I like:

The patterns and colors Jamberry offers. Click this link and check them all out. I could spend a lot of money there!

The process of putting them on was super easy.

They feel really snug on.

I don’t yet know for sure but am really betting on these lasting for at least 5 days or more.

What I’m not sure about:

I kind of wish they came pre-cut so I didn’t have to fit and then cut them myself. I get why they do this, and it does give you the opportunity for two manicures in each pack, but it would be easier if I could just plop them right on, have very minimal over-hang to file off, and on you go to the next one.

That’s it!







I’m going to do a complete review of the product in a week, complete with pictures, and more details of the product and company.

Do you wear Jamberry wraps? What’s your experience been?


I picked up some Ardell False lashes last week. Boy aren’t they something? Not an everyday look but fun for a special night out, or just a day when you want to feel extra glam.

10661085_1464366930493920_1869911871_nThis past weekend was spent with Grandma T. and science and technology and nature and Dinosaurs and it was so much fun.




My mother in law is now on her way back to Kansas City. Wanna know something super cool? She and my father in law picked out a home in our neighborhood! In fact, they’ll only be a 10 minute walk, a couple minute drive, down the road. I can’t hardly believe it!

I got a little misty today while saying goodbye. Won’t see her again for another month. I miss her already. She stayed with me for a week and two days and not only was a great help but just fun to be with. I love her so much. I’m so happy to have her and my father in law in my life.


I applied for a really rad data entry job with a really great company. Hundreds of other applicants applied. I somehow made it through to the testing round, and now to the interviewing process! I have no idea how this happened. ha. I interview Thursday morning. I’m super excited and also super nervous. Interviews always make me nervous. I’m so hoping to get this job. It’s part time, which would be absolutely perfect, and the company is one I would love to work for.


I got to meet a beautiful friend I’ve known online for some time in person this weekend at church. She was even lovelier than I could have imagined, inside and out. This was the first time and I hope not the last time I get to meet my dear online friends in person!

I’m a happy, blessed, girl.

Fashion Friday: Leggings

It’s still hot. So I can’t rock leggings like I normally rock them – with knee high boots and long cozy sweaters. I keep seeing so many cute leggings though so I decided to wear them with a short sleeve shirt and sneaks. Its a departure from what I’m used to and I don’t like the look nearly as much but I can’t help the hot weather so I’m like, whatevs.




So enough about me! Look at these gals and their lovely legging style.






So tell me, what’s your favorite way to wear leggings when summer begins turning to fall?

and just for funsies, here’s a video about styling leggings.

Hayden Lane Living Episode #1

Show Note:

003In this episode I talk about why On Hayden Lane.com instead of Nellers.net.  I also talk about  my first trip to an IKEA, the weather in Texas, exciting news about my in-laws, and more.

Also mentioned, my brother (who is in prison) and because I promised, here’s a picture of the two of us together from years back before he was locked up.

What I Wore Wednesday (Black&White Stripes)

It’s hot, y’all. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately but it really is. Hot in Texas? Whodathunkit? We’re breaking records today in the heat department. A “cold” front is on its way, going to cool us down to upper 80’s – which will be nice. Truth be told, I really enjoy the warm weather. I just long to wear fall-like clothing, so that’s why I’m looking forward to cooler temps in the coming months. Or, like today.

I wore my new longer sleeve shirt. What would you call this? 3 quarter length sleeve? Anyway, its longer and hotter and I really should have wore sleeveless today but paired with my cute black shorts it worked well enough. I am hot but not roasting. And hey, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, right? So I’ve been told.


For my makeup today, I went with the same products I posted yesterday, but I wet my eye shadow brush this time, like I mentioned I might, and I did like the color better by doing it that way. It made the color more vibrant and noticeable. I added white on my eyes to make them pop more, too. I watched a hooded eye makeup tutorial and tried to follow it but I don’t think I did it really well. I still like how it turned out but it doesn’t really look like what I watched. Oh well.


I went out to IKEA with my in-laws on a little shopping spree for the kids. They spoil us so much. They are too good to us. This was the first time I’d been in an IKEA. I wouldn’t buy any of the furniture for my main living areas but for the kids it seems like nice enough furniture, if you wanna put everything together, that is. My father-in-law is upstairs right now working hard putting together a desk, dresser, and side table for my oldest son. It doesn’t really compare to Nebraska Furniture Mart, I’m a bit biased since my husband works there, but it was really neat inside and I can see how you could easily go in for one thing and come out with a dozen. We also picked up some really pretty coffee mugs and a few other little things for the kitchen for me.


I refuse to talk about the horrible migraine I had during our outing, or the fact that I got sick at a restaurant because of the migraine, or that I was car sick from the migraine, and that Lyme disease really sucks and I hate it so much. I’m healing but I’m still sick and these experiences just remind me of that fact.

But hey, at least I look cute even if I feel yucky.

Linking up with the Pleated Poppy for this week’s What I Wore Wednesday.

New Makeup (Plus Reviews)

I had plans today. Plans of doing absolutely nothing. My in-laws are in town and I’ve been entertaining them since Sunday night. They had plans to be gone for a few hours today, so naturally, I planned to take advantage of the alone time and…sleep. But of course. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as they left I got the bug to buy some new makeup. So I threw on a maxi dress, because it’s still in the triple digits here in North Texas, and ran out the door to the local Wal-Mart.

I needed some concealer. Can you believe I had none in my arsenal of makeup? I seriously am almost 36 and didn’t have a drop of concealer! I also wanted to grab a couple new nail polishes. Other than that, I had no real idea what I wanted. I figured I’d find it when I found it. And as usual, I was right. (dripping sarcasm)

Below is the final look with all the products purchased today.


Let’s talk product.


Almay Intense i-color for brown eyes.

Initial thoughts: I saw this and thought, PERFECT! for brown eyes. I was excited to try this easy way to paint color on brown eyes.

Final thoughts: I wasn’t as impressed with it on as in the packaging. It wasn’t as vibrant as I thought it would be. Next time I’ll try it a bit wet and see if that gives me the color I’d prefer. I did enjoy the ease of using the three colors though.


Flower Lighten Up Concealer

Initial thoughts: Ah ha! I found a concealer. Oh and hmmm wonder if this is my color? And finally, hey I’ll give it a try.

Final thoughts: I twisted and twisted and twisted before the product came through the brush. I was concerned at first that I’d purchased a bad one. Once it got going though I really liked how it applied. I think I purchased the correct color. It seemed to do the work well. I’m happy with the purchase.


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Initial thoughts: I needed a new black liner. Although there are a bazzilion plain black liners available that I could have picked up, this packaging really caught my eye. The fact that there were three liners and supposedly were to compliment brown eyes I just had to have it.

Final thoughts: I tried the purple first. I have to say, wasn’t thrilled with the color. Felt it was too dark of a purple to really notice it was purple. I went with the black in my final look. It went on easily and smoothly. Going to try the brown tomorrow. I’m over all happy with the purchase.


Maybelline Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Luminous Latte (on right) and Maybelline Color Sensational Nude Lust

Initial thoughts: I was super excited by the colors of both of these lip products. I felt they’d look great together. The nude looked smooth and rich and a great tone. Nudes are so hard to get right if you ask me. I haven’t yet found one with enough color but not too much color. If you know what I mean? Thought these two would be perfect…

Final thoughts: The colors do compliment one another. They are creamy and beautiful. However, they are both too close to my face color. It washed me out. I had to add a bright pink to the color in order to get the color you see in the picture of me wearing it. So, for now editing the color with my pink lipstick will work. I’m still on the great nude lip hunt.


Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Give’em The Green Light  and L’Oreal Too Dimensional

Initial thoughts: The colors felt like fall to me and I’m all about the fall season even if it still feels like the dead of summer here in Texas! I liked the deep jewel tones of the green and the shimmer of the purple.

Final thoughts: I’m pleased with both. I’ll try and remember to take a picture of the colors on. The green looks exactly as it does in this picture on and the purple looks pretty much the same also. Which is great because sometimes I buy nail polishes only to put them on and have them look nothing like in the bottle.

So, over all I’m happy with the purchases from today’s makeup hunt. I’m hungry for more deals and more finds and more goodies though and trying hard to restrain myself from buying anything new this month. There are just so many pretty lip sticks and nail polishes out there and I still need to find that perfect nude lip, y’all!

And because a few of the products today were for brown eyes, I thought I’d link to a video on how to create a beautiful eye look for brown eyes. I’m considering doing a few videos for YouTube. Maybe review videos, nothing too fancy, as I don’t have a fancy camera and set up. Just your basic video. Would you be interested in videos to go along with the pictures and the podcasts here?

Oh and if you do have a recommendation for the perfect nude lip, lip liner, and gloss please let me know. I’m serious, I need help!