Back To Hobby Lobby

So I went back to Hobby Lobby today for the first time since the strange incident last week. (Recap, I was essentially stalked and followed through the store and then in my car by a man who finally turned off and stopped following me.) And I was scared. I hate to admit it. I feel a bit like a baby. But I was truly afraid. I kept looking around, over my shoulder, at all the cars around me, all the people were suspect to  me. I quickly went in and got what I needed and got the hell out of dodge.

Every black car of any kind but especially SUV had me looking in my rear view mirror to see how long they were going to be behind my car. I really feel traumatized by the experience from last week. Who knows what would have happened to me had I not been on my toes, fully aware of that gut feeling thing that I call God, telling me to be weary of this man, watch him closely. Bad things happen every day. It’s a scary world.

I think about all the victims of sexual assaults, or kidnappings, any kind of violent crime, who survived, and think – wow – what they must live with. If my experience with a possible “bad guy” has affected me this strongly, I can’t imagine what someone who has gone through a violent crime and survived goes through daily. If you have been affected by crime, my heart goes out to you. I say a prayer for your heart and the memories that probably haunt you. May you find the healing I’m sure you’re desperately seeking.

As for me, I hope this paranoia and trauma goes away soon. I don’t want to be constantly looking behind my back, or watching every car. There’s a line between being careful and being paranoid.

Crazy how big North Texas is and yet how small it feels now – thinking that I’ll run across him again.


That One About Getting Locked Out.

So, I got locked out of my house today. Leave it to me to lock myself out of the house while taking the trash out. Apparently, my garage door was somehow locked when I shut the door. I don’t have a spare key outside any where, nor did I have anyone available to come rescue me quickly. Barefoot, I walked to the school, told them of my ordeal, and basically begged them to help me. I ended up waiting two hours for a lock smith.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to talk with a mother of two children that go to my kids school. She had broken English and there were times I could tell she didn’t know what I was saying, but for the most part we communicated well, and it was nice to chat with someone in the area. I had lunch with Dash. He was so surprised to see me. His eyes got really big and a huge onery smile overcame his face. I bought him a chocolate milk to go with his packed lunch. We talked and giggled and hugged goodbye.

I spotted Nick, my oldest, with his friends. It was neat watching him at the table with his pals without him knowing I was watching him. He was confident and laughing. Smiling big and so happy. It made my heart want to burst. I walked over to him and said, hi. It took him a moment to recognize me, and as soon as he did, his smile left, he was super embarrassed that I was there. So I bought him a milk and frozen ice desert and left, as not to humiliate him any further.

On my way back home, I ran into the mother I talked to earlier that day. Turns out she is my neighbor! Small world. The lock smith came shortly thereafter and got me back into my house. I got back to cleaning and went on through my day as normal.

When Dash got home he showed me his painting and sang “Da na na na. na na. na na. can’t touch this.” to which I laughed hard and good.


We ate chicken strips and fries tonight but topped it with V8 juice, so that makes it healthy right? Actually, no. I know none of that is truly that good for you, but I didn’t have time to prep anything for dinner since I was, oh, locked out!

Kids took baths and showers. Got all jammied up and are watching cartoons as I write this. I love this time of the day. Dinner done, house cleaned up, chores done, kids bathed and smelling fresh, and everything is quiet and peaceful.

Bedtime stories next, then happy sweet dreams for us all.

On an unrelated note:

Zane caught his first fish ever yesterday. He’s been fishing several times, basically begging the fish to bite. So this was a big happy deal!


He also asked me to make him a God necklace so everyone at school could know he loves Jesus. This kid is a special little guy.


My Nest

You know how it goes whenever you go to a Target or Wal-Mart, right? You go in for one thing and come out with several other things that weren’t even on your radar before you walked into the store. Yeah well, so that happened to me today. I went in for a water bottle and walked out with pillows and seat cushions and and and.

But seriously, my dining room needed lovin’. I really like how it all came together. I need a center piece still. Not sure what to do there. Maybe a really fun vase. Thoughts?


After adding the plates and mugs, I think it really pulled it together. I’m on the look out for some fun plates. I’m thinking of keeping up the mismatched-yet-still-flow-together-look I have currently.


Cute? It really needs a center piece though, I think. I found some really cute vases on sale yesterday at Hobby Lobby but I had a bad experience there and am afraid to go back. A man followed me through the store. You know when you just know something isn’t right? That feeling in your gut? Well, that. I had the manager walk me to my car. And guess who got behind my car and followed me for a few minutes? Yep. I was nano seconds from calling 911. I believe in my heart he was up to no good and for whatever reason he decided to stop following me. Very scary and I know its irrational, as I’m sure he isn’t there today, but I’m still afraid to go back. So, for now, my table won’t have a center piece.


So anyway, I’m loving these pillows. I don’t know that I pulled off the different prints and colors as well as I thought I was in the store. You think? I dunno. I like it though so I’m going with it.


I need to get window treatments of some sort. This is always the hardest decision for me and I never get it quite right. boo. What would you put in this room with the pillows and couch colors? A neutral or a pop of color? Maybe a blue?


I am lovin’ the yellow and the print of these two pillows. I brought in a touch of yellow in the pillow in the picture below to kinda tie it together without being too matchy matchy.


I just adore the little blue pillow with white and yellow flecked in there. And the beige pillow is oh-so-soft.


I tied the two rooms together by using the beige neutral colors in both rooms and colors that compliment one another.



(eeep, don’t mind my dirty coffee table.)

Over all, I’m really happy with what I picked out. Especially since I’m no designer. Nor do I have the eye of a designer. I just winged it and think I did pretty well. It feels warmer and more cozy and welcoming. We’ve been here a couple months now. I’m slowly putting my finger print on this beautiful new house.

So tell me, what’s your favorite room to make over?


The children came home from school and all three began chattering about the new decor. Nick said its all fancy in here now. Zane and Dash bee-lined it to the pillows, picking out their favorites, and snuggling with them. I love my kids.

PicMonkey Collage

the beat of my heart.

These kids make my heart beat fast and hard.


They are wild and fiercely joyful.


They take life in both hands and wring the goodness out of it.


There’s always an adventure awaiting me with them in tow.


I’ll love them forever.


And always be there for them, no matter what.

Eating Real

On Instagram I committed to 30 days without sugar. I’ve since changed my mind. Slightly. Instead of completely sugar free, I’m going to allow minimal fruit, and an occasional dairy, like cheese. I’m also going to allow potatoes and rice. So, I guess you could say I’m going to be going to a whole foods diet, instead of a strict sugar free diet. Having said that, I won’t have any bad sugars – no processed foods – pop – alcohol, candy, ice cream – you know, the tasty food group.

This morning I made scrambled eggs cooked in Coconut oil – which is awesome for killing off an overgrowth of Candida, which is why I originally wanted to go sugar free. On the side was turkey bacon. I have no idea if that’s technically a whole food but we went with that this morning. And for drink, a yumtastic green smoothie full of great greens and tasty fruit.


For lunch I’ll have a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and lemon garlic water. Lemon is great for detoxing and garlic is awesome at killing off bacteria and yeast. I might add rice to this dish as well. Depends on how hungry I am. I will be cooking the broccoli in real butter and adding real butter to my rice.

And for dinner I’m going to make a tasty chicken stir fry with bell peppers and broccoli served with rice and probably a carrot and apple juice – freshly made.


(it was so yum, y’all!)

I’m trying really hard to turn over a new leaf in my eating. I know we all need to eat whole foods, a healthy diet. I also know that its not going to be easy switching from eating junk food, processed foods, lots of sugar, etc. But, with determination, and God’s help, I believe I can keep this new lifestyle up.

If you switched to a whole foods diet, how long did it take before it was second nature to eat so healthy?