Sunday Funday


Dash insisted on buttoning his shirt all by himself - honey, he looked a mess. Zane ran down the stairs wearing shorts on a cool day. And Nick threw on his shirt from yesterday. I didn't fight any of it. I let them do as they wished today. The weekends are for lazy and enjoyment … [Read more...]

Radical Grace


"Grace covers a multitude of sins, so we say. Grace covers ALL sin. Or is that too much for us to believe? Even murder? Yes, even murder. GASP! It's true. My brother's sin has been covered by the selfless sacrifice of Christ on the cross. My brother is loved by the King. My … [Read more...]

Back To Hobby Lobby


So I went back to Hobby Lobby today for the first time since the strange incident last week. (Recap, I was essentially stalked and followed through the store and then in my car by a man who finally turned off and stopped following me.) And I was scared. I hate to admit it. I feel … [Read more...]