My Nightly Skin Routine

I try my best to cleanse my face and apply all the products I’ll be mentioning in this post nightly but I have to admit I don’t always. Tsk Tsk. The older I get the harder I work to get cleansed up every night though. My face needs tender loving care. I’m turning 36 this October – 36! –  and the fine lines are creeping up. I think what I notice the most are my drooping lids but no cream is going to do much for that. Just something I’ll have to get used to I suppose. The joy of aging, right?

I use Meaningful Beauty for the bulk of my nightly routine. I’ve been using Cindy Crawford’s line for well over a year now. I love all the products except the day cream, which leaves me feeling and looking greasy. But because I get so many other products in my monthly membership that I actually use and enjoy, I keep the monthly membership going.


  • I start by putting my hair up in a pony tail and clipping my bangs back. Bangs you rarely see me in. Bangs I have no idea why I cut back into my hair.
  • I then cleanse my face with Meaningful Beauty’s cleanser.
  • After that I spread liberally over my neck and chest the neck cream.
  • I then work up to my eyes, using the eye cream under them and on my lids too.
  • I finish up my face with the creme’ which is amazing y’all! It’s the main reason I keep the monthly membership going. I use three pumps because I just love it so much and liberally spread it over my face and down onto my neck and chest. It smells good, feels good, and makes my face glow.
  • I then put my Baby Lips chap stick on – or any chap stick laying around.
  • Lastly, I spray some smell good on my jammies. I’m not picky. Anything that smells good goes on. I love going to sleep inhaling the sweet scent of a body spray.

(Before: fully made up)


(After: Bare faced and fully cleansed)


(All ready for bed)


And that’s my nightly skin routine/bedtime routine in a nut shell.

What is your skincare routine?

Flip In Hair Review

I’ve been losing my hair for years now since becoming sick with Lyme disease. It’s been really hard to see my pretty hair go from thick and full to thinning and flimsy.


(left: before my hair loss – right: a current snapshot of my hair loss)

For about a year now I’ve been wearing hair pieces. I don’t wear them full time but when I get all dolled up I do like to have my hair thicker and fuller. But the more hair I lose, the harder it is to hide clip in extensions. I’ve also tried half wigs and full on wigs but I just don’t like wigs – I can tell they are fake and I hate that.

One day about a week ago I ran into something called Flip In Hair by Uni Wigs. It caught my eye because it was part human hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair, all on one weft, hanging from a wire. Yes, a wire. How bazaar right? If I had more hair I’d probably pass it by but because I can’t even hide clip in extensions anymore, it caught my eye.


See that up there, all that hair hanging from a wire?! Wild huh? But it works, and works well. The wire is transparent and once you pull your real hair out over it, you cannot see it at all. And you’d think it would be impossible to wear without falling off, but you’d be wrong. It’s super easy to keep in and it isn’t uncomfortable either. Of course I can tell its in there because there’s more weight on my head than I’m used to, but it just feels like a full head of hair.


What I like about Flip In Hair is that its all on once piece, unlike clip in hair extensions that come in many wefts, making them harder to hide in my thinning hair, this flip in hair is super easy to hide in my hair.

This piece from Uni Wigs feels like my real hair, looks like my real hair. The only give away is the length. People who know me, know that I don’t have that length of hair. A stranger would likely never guess its not my real hair. It blends really well.


I decided to cut it a bit shorter to make it look even more real. I think its totally undetectable now that its not my real hair. Next time though I’m going to take it into a hair dresser and have them cut it for me. I’m not the best at cutting my own hair.


There’s nothing I don’t like about this hair. The quality is amazing, so soft, and real looking. You can heat style it. It’s not super shiny, like wigs can be. It’s part real hair, part heat friendly synthetic hair. It came fast – the shipping was so quick! Uni Wigs has a great selection of lengths and colors. I have my eye on a wavy Flip In Hair extension.

Here’s a video of how to adjust the wire to your head and how to blend the piece with your natural hair.

Click here to shop Uni Wigs Flip In Hair Extensions.

For my needs I give this hair a 10 out of 10.




(I bought this with my own money, I’m not being compensated for my opinion. However, the links in this post are affiliate links. So if you buy Flip In Hair I’ll make a small commission.)

Just Say No (To Antibiotics)

I thought it was high time for a Lyme disease update. I’ve not been writing about it lately because I don’t like to focus on the negative in my life. However, I know many of you are interested in our story, and I’m also in a unique place to raise awareness, so I felt it was time for an update.

For those of you new to me and my story of Lyme disease you can refer to this blog post, complete with pictures, and videos.

Buh bye MD’s, hello ND’s!

10684193_797523223658249_1157518178_nIt’s been a year since switching from traditional medical treatment for Lyme disease, to a more natural approach, complete with herbs, and supplements. The first few months was a bit of a joke. Looking back I think we were a bit scammed. In the sense that we were told I’d be healed in a few months with their treatment, and I definitely wasn’t. Having said that, though, I credit them to easing me into the idea of natural treatment – their treatment was working to a degree but didn’t heal me completely. I think the fact that they said I would be healed in a few month, and their machine said I was healed, and I clearly wasn’t, is where I was scammed. The moral of that story is please be careful who you work with because there are a lot of quacks out there.

So anyway, I found my “miracle doctor” earlier this year – he’s amazing! He is a well educated Naturopathic Doctor who knows his stuff. Talking with him is like talking with medical books – in the best of ways – he is really brilliant. David tested my adrenal glands, the test shows I’m in stage three adrenal fatigue. So his first step in my protocol was getting my adrenal glands in better shape. We treated them naturally. I’m still being treated and probably will be for a long time. He then added a general herb into my program – Biocidin – a great little herb that treats many different problems, including Lyme disease.

This past summer he did further testing on me and found that Bartonella is my primary infection at this time. He started treating me for the disease with a-bart. I’m still on Biocidin as well. Since beginning that treatment, I’ve noticed a lot of changes. My air hunger isn’t as bad. Most LLMD’s attribute air hunger to Babesia, which it can be, but my LLND believes Bartonella is also a factor for that, and in my case, seems to be so. The pain in my feet it much less, though still there, another symptom of Bart. My migraines are less though I still have them. Sensing a theme here? Over all, I’m doing better but am still sick.

I am very pleased with my progress. I’m so happy I took the leap into switching from traditional medicine to natural medicine. I’ve always been a more natural medicine kind of person but was so afraid of the big bad LD that I jumped right into traditional medicine hoping it would save my life. And although I’m so thankful to my previous doctor, and antibiotics, for the work they both did for my body, I realize I should have probably continued with my gut instinct of natural medicine for treating LD too.

I want to be clear. I’m not anti antibiotics and traditional medicine for LD. Not at all. Just for my body at this point in my journey, natural medicine is the path I’m taking, and its working well, and is much easier on my body, which I desperately needed, as antibiotics were far too rough on me.

If you’re new to a LD diagnosis, and are seeking a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) I would also encourage you to seek out a Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor (LLND) as well. Interview them both and go with whichever choice you feel most comfortable with, and the one who has a proven track record for getting people well. And if they promise you the world, run the other way.

Jamberry Nails

I don’t know about you, but whenever I apply nail polish to my nails it never lasts for more than two days at most before it starts chipping. Doesn’t matter what kind of polish I use, none of it lasts long. I would have just given up on it if not for my love of all things pretty, sparkly, bright, bold, and even neutral nails. I don’t know if I’m just harder on my nails than most but I tell you what, the stuff just doesn’t last.

A friend of mine sells something called Jamberry nails – they are nail wraps – and y’all, they are so cool. This is my first impression blog post so I can’t say yet if they last longer than nail polish, but I’m telling ya already, I am really hopeful they will last longer than nail polish. Rachel, my friend who sells them, you can find her here, and here, she sent me a couple samples, which you’ll see in the picture below.


The samples came with a cuticle pusher and simple instructions. I literally got both hands done in about 30 minutes and I’m sure I’ll be quicker once I get the hang of it better. I took the nail polish off I had on, cleaned them up with alcohol wipes, fit each one to my nail, cut the wrap in half, warmed it with my hair dryer, fit it onto my nail, pushing down to get a good seal. I then trimmed and filed the excess off, heated them back up with the hair dryer, pressed down again, and bingo bango, a pretty mani at home!

What I like:

The patterns and colors Jamberry offers. Click this link and check them all out. I could spend a lot of money there!

The process of putting them on was super easy.

They feel really snug on.

I don’t yet know for sure but am really betting on these lasting for at least 5 days or more.

What I’m not sure about:

I kind of wish they came pre-cut so I didn’t have to fit and then cut them myself. I get why they do this, and it does give you the opportunity for two manicures in each pack, but it would be easier if I could just plop them right on, have very minimal over-hang to file off, and on you go to the next one.

That’s it!







I’m going to do a complete review of the product in a week, complete with pictures, and more details of the product and company.

Do you wear Jamberry wraps? What’s your experience been?


I picked up some Ardell False lashes last week. Boy aren’t they something? Not an everyday look but fun for a special night out, or just a day when you want to feel extra glam.

10661085_1464366930493920_1869911871_nThis past weekend was spent with Grandma T. and science and technology and nature and Dinosaurs and it was so much fun.




My mother in law is now on her way back to Kansas City. Wanna know something super cool? She and my father in law picked out a home in our neighborhood! In fact, they’ll only be a 10 minute walk, a couple minute drive, down the road. I can’t hardly believe it!

I got a little misty today while saying goodbye. Won’t see her again for another month. I miss her already. She stayed with me for a week and two days and not only was a great help but just fun to be with. I love her so much. I’m so happy to have her and my father in law in my life.


I applied for a really rad data entry job with a really great company. Hundreds of other applicants applied. I somehow made it through to the testing round, and now to the interviewing process! I have no idea how this happened. ha. I interview Thursday morning. I’m super excited and also super nervous. Interviews always make me nervous. I’m so hoping to get this job. It’s part time, which would be absolutely perfect, and the company is one I would love to work for.


I got to meet a beautiful friend I’ve known online for some time in person this weekend at church. She was even lovelier than I could have imagined, inside and out. This was the first time and I hope not the last time I get to meet my dear online friends in person!

I’m a happy, blessed, girl.