Don’t Be A Nervous Nelly

I was so nervous this morning for my children as they walked into their new school, transplants from Missouri. I was on edge all day as I waited to hear how their first day back to school went. Even though I’d prayed for them earlier in the morning, and spoke blessings over their day, I was still nervous. Nervous that kids would be mean, or just ignore them. Nervous about their behavior, nervous about them being nervous. Just plain nervous about everything and anything.


Nick has a very soft soul, easily crushed. This causes my mama heart to worry. Instead of my fears coming true that he’d be shy and nervous all day, God heard my prayer, and answered it. Nick had a wonderful first day, loves his teacher, and made a friend that lives on our street.

Zane is a very sweet boy, energetic, and social – this makes sitting still and learning difficult for him. I worry about him getting into trouble because he wouldn’t stop talking, like happened over and over and over again at our old school. Instead, he told me he made friends, had fun, and didn’t get into trouble, yet. “yet” – that made me giggle.

Dash had the hardest day, but it was still a good day over all. I heard from his teacher that he got upset when somebody threw his cuttings away. And he hurt his knee at recess causing him to cry. This boy, this boy I worry for the most. He has Lyme disease which causes fatigue and emotional outbursts. I will keep praying for this sweet boy and his schooling experience.

Seems that the first day back to school was harder on me than it was on any of my children. Thank God for that. My kids are blessed and happy and I’m so thrilled they had a good first day.

How were your kids first days back?

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